Before the Sea Parts

January 11, 2018By Morgan FunkeSpiritual Support

What do you do when you feel like you’ve failed? When you do the math, and it doesn’t add up? When you have tried your hardest, put it all on the line, done what you know to do, and it still wasn’t enough? When you are backed into a corner you did everything to avoid … Read More

Walking the Journey Through Disaster Response

December 14, 2017By Morgan FunkeAdministration, Current Issues, The Church

2017 has been a tough year. Riots. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Fires. These catastrophic events change lives forever. Sometimes, disasters unify, volunteers mobilize well, and the Church steps in to meet real needs. Unfortunately, disasters often lead to an immediate surge of compassion followed by misguided giving. In 2007, I spent 11 months doing overseas mission work … Read More

14 Tips on How to Write a Support Letter

December 8, 2017By Morgan FunkeFundraising

Let’s be honest, one of the most difficult parts of doing missions work is raising support. Whether it’s a short term trip or long term project it has to be funded somehow. Today, there are many great tools that can be used for fundraising from social media to campaign funds to fundraisers and more. In … Read More

The Overlooked Foundation of Truly Great Leadership

December 1, 2017By Sarah GillLeadership

Short-term missions trips always seem to be a comical combination of poor planning and God’s grace. One time, my husband and I spent a month with a group of 45 other people serving a ministry in South America. As part of the leadership team, we spent quite a bit of time around the ministry host … Read More

Growing Kingdom Visions

November 24, 2017By Morgan FunkeEmotional Health, Ministry Consulting, The Cause

There is an epidemic happening today. Great Kingdom visions are being lost because of the individualistic way that nonprofits are currently structured. The system is broken. World changing dreams are dying before they ever get off the ground. And if they do take off, running a nonprofit according to the current structure often leads to … Read More