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Dan & Marlene Bray

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Education, Leadership Development, Disaster Relief, Evangelism

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Hope Created is a ministry in Davao Philippines, led by Dan and Marlene Bray. The Brays share a passion to care for God’s people through relational ministry and teaching tangible skills.  After a number of scouting trips and falling in love with the land, the people, and what God is doing in the Philippines, the Brays moved from the United States in 2011.

The Brays have extensive training in Search and Rescue. They partner with organizations such as Philippines Red Cross and Samaritans Purse to aid the people most affected by the plethora of natural disasters that regularly oppress the region. They have adopted Baganga, a city that was destroyed a year and a half ago by Typhoon Pablo.  There they focus on reconstruction and promoting Faith Tabernacle Church with outreach events, as well as reaching out to the local Muslim people groups.

Marlene works with around 100 kids a week in the slums of Agdao. Agdao is also known as “Barpa”, which translates to “Barrio of Death” due to its reputation of being a rough neighborhood. There, she teaches bible classes twice a week and builds personal relationships with the kids and their families in the area though home visits. Partnering with Oasis Ministries, she reaches kids who are in high risk of being absorbed by the poverty that surrounds them.

The Brays developed a program to teach industrial sewing. They train adults young and old to design and sew Search and Rescue backpacks. This gives them the opportunity to partner with those who want to develop their vision and launch their own company.

Dan teaches woodshop at Faith Academy High School, working with the missionary kids to develop a new skill set and help those in need. Dan also is active in the outdoor programs for both the middle and high school planning and working in the field with the youth. Outside of the school, Dan works with a skim boarding ministry helping to teach the youth of Agdao how to build skimboards.

Through their obedience, the Brays are an example of people who are making a huge difference in the world, touching lives and introducing others to the love of Jesus.


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