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Cassie Wilson

Who we are:  

Kitiibwa Ministries is a Christian, faith-based nonprofit in the slums of Kampala, Uganda that brings glory to God by helping vulnerable, poverty-stricken children thrive through education, sports, and the Word of God.

Kitiibwa began with a small house and a dream. The dream for the house was to have a space where God's glory was ever-present – where children could come for meals, encouragement, prayer, education, and fellowship. It was a space where social status was left at the door before entering. Kitiibwa Home quickly grew into Kitiibwa Ministries.

We knew we wanted to encourage and build up people who were already hard at work with their organizations, but needed help to continue growing. We discovered two pre-existing schools in different slums in Kampala that have a solid foundation and vision but needed help encouraging the children. We came alongside them and became ministries partners.

Ever week, we interact with more than 400 children. We help educate in the classrooms. We teach Bible stories and study the Word of God. We are cheerleaders, constantly spurring the children on to do bigger and better things. We remind them how to be children again by playing games, dancing, and singing songs. We don't limit them based on their social status.

Who we serve:  

We currently partner and work with two primary schools located in different slums within Kampala. We teach in the classrooms, assist with office work, organize and participate in game times, share Bible stories and host Bible studies, and coordinate after school programs such as netball and football (soccer) – which is inclusive of all children in the area and not only limited to those attending the school.

How you can pray:  
  • For guidance and clarity as this ministries grows from a big dream God placed in our hearts to become a beautiful reality.
  • For financial provision and monthly supporters to come alongside us in the ministry.
  • For the hearts and minds of the children we minister to to be opened and willing to not only receive what we are teaching them, but to also apply it.

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