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YWAM Next Wave

Jessica Davenport

Who we are:  

Based out of the Greek isle of Lesvos, a mere four miles from mainland Turkey, we are at the front door of the Middle East. For many, our presence will be the first, and possibly, only Christian contact in their lives. We are a group of radical Jesus-loving, fiery-eyed revivalists, seeking to bring His Kingdom to Europe and the Middle East. We are based out of YWAM and we work alongside EuroRelief and G.E.M, as we come together and serve in the largest and most vulnerable refugee camp, Moria.

Who we serve:  

We serve God's children who have come from over 44 nations and arrived on Lesvos Island as refugees.

How you can pray:  
  • Please pray for peace in the Middle East-specifically Syria, Iran, Iraq and Sudan.
  • Also pray for Jesus to come and break through the darkness in Greece with His unfathomable peace, love, joy and light.

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