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The mission of Orphan for a Day is to awaken global awareness in western young people through experiential learning, and to provide avenues to tangibly love and serve orphans. Orphan for a Day is working to launch nationwide this fall.

Who we serve:  

Currently 1 out of 10 homes in Swaziland is headed by an orphan under the age of 11!

Through the work of OFAD, we directly impact these orphan headed households while engaging Western youth in making a difference. Orphan for a Day events provide an all-day interactive event simulating the challenges orphans and vulnerable children face daily.

It’s one thing to be told that children in other countries don’t have running water, it’s completely different to personally carry water up a hill. After experiencing Orphan for a Day, students have a larger, long-term personal investment in helping effect the welfare of orphans.

After finishing Orphan for a Day, Victoria, a 6th grader stated,

“I did not realize how much work it took just to get good water. It made me appreciate being able to turn on my faucet everyday when I need it instead of walking up and down hills for two hours! I am excited to earn money this year to pay for clean water in Swaziland."


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