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The Orphan Portrait Project

Tracey Sonneborn

Who we are:  

The heart of The Orphan Portrait Project is to help orphans and vulnerable children around the world using the art of portraiture. We are telling stories and inspiring hope.

Who we serve:  

The Orphan Portrait Project is partnering with African leaders and organizations who are at the forefront of changing the story of Africa. Portrait paintings of children, leaders, people of influence and others will be sold at galas, through online auctions, and offered to top corporate or individual donors. 100% of the funds raised will support the organizations working directly with communities to turn around the cycle of poverty and prevent the next generation of children from becoming orphaned and vulnerable.

How you can pray:  
  • Please pray that this project would be fully funded for more significant impact.
  • Pray for sponsored/donated studio space for painting.

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