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If there’s one thing you should know, it’s that we are adventurers at heart. There isn’t a moment we feel so alive as when we’re exploring together. Something in us was made for adventure. For daring greatly. For living by faith. We are deeply in love with Jesus and are captivated by the expressions of His Kingdom seen all across the world.

We’ve spent the last four years traveling extensively and building relationship with ministries around the world. These relationships and our own experiences have made us realize the vulnerability to burnout ministry leaders face, and we are passionate about creating sustainability in leaders and ministries.

Our days are filled with many things, but when we aren’t Skyping a missionary or traveling to visit a ministry you can usually find us drinking coffee, practicing our culinary skills, or exploring the beautiful Northwest from our home base in Bend, Oregon.

Who we serve:  

Of the nearly 10,000 missionaries who will leave the field this year, more than half will leave for completely preventable reasons. We believe no one in ministry should have to quit because of burnout. 

Set a Fire Ministries walks with ministry leaders to encourage, support, and resource them to be holistically sustainable. By identifying areas of vulnerability to burnout and focusing on a leader’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health, they are able to thrive in the work they are passionate about.  Addressing the issues of burnout at the root - which is identity - equips ministry leaders to succeed for the long-haul.

The end result is entire ministries more effectively fulfilling their unique role extending the Kingdom in their community and sphere of influence.

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  • Timely connections with the right ministries
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