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Sarah Bowman Masembe

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In 2011, when Sarah Bowman Masembe set foot on Ugandan soil God confirmed the stirrings in her heart that He would make this beautiful country her new home. As she looked around to see where God’s heart was pulling her she began sensing a burden to minister to the community of special needs and disabled children. These precious ones who are not overlooked by God needed a place where those that care for them could be trained, equipped, and empowered to meet their needs with grace and confidence.

The vision and heart of Suubi House was born out of this need and is on mission to bring hope in Jesus’ name to children and families in Uganda affected by special needs and disabilities. The long-term vision is to run an intensive day care program where these children can come to receive love, care, and medical attention that they often lack. Their parents can also come to Suubi House to be trained and resourced to better care for their children. It will be a home filled with playing, singing, physical therapy, learning and growing. Suubi House (meaning hope) will be just that, a home filled to the brim with hope and joy offering this unique community real life in Jesus’ name.

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Children with disabilities and special needs in Uganda

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