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I am a worship leader and have had the blessing to produce a spontaneous worship album that is now available on iTunes. Please visit my Music Page on Facebook for more info. All proceeds go to furthering my overseas missions work.

Wipe Every Tear

Ellen Mennell

Who I am:  

My personal journey of restoration and freedom through Jesus is what fuels my life. Twenty-six years ago God intervened into my heart and wrecked me in a good way. I began to experience healing through miraculous encounters, and the shame, rejection, and feelings of hurt were literally swept away. I now experience abundant life, and pass on the truth that all people can have the same! People discovering wholeness through Kingdom identity is the passion of the Father.

I have worked as an overseas missionary since 2008 doing different things. But I have now joined Wipe Every Tear and will be commissioned long-term to the Philippines in 2018. I am thrilled! My role there will be facilitating inner healing for the girls and boys who have been rescued from the sex trade. Many have endured violence and trauma, so to walk with them into freedom is an honor and privilege.

My hallmark life and ministry verse is Isaiah 58:12: "My people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings."

Who I serve:  

The mandate of Wipe Every Tear is to bring freedom and lasting wholeness to those trapped in the sex trade in the Philippines. Healing provides a platform to destiny for so many girls and boys.

For information about the ministry of Wipe Every Tear you can visit the website at

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  • Increase in monthly sustainable support
  • Peace and grace over all forthcoming preparations stateside and in the Philippines
  • Kingdom connection, favor, and friendships while in the Philippines
Kourtney Ellis, Wipe Every Tear

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