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Who I am:  

My name is Sarah and I am passionate about loving and serving God and His people. In the last year God has broken my heart for the pain and hurt in this world, specifically the injustices of sex trafficking. I am passionate about seeking out freedom for those enslaved to men and other things of this broken world. I believe that every person deserves to be free and experience the healing powers of Jesus Christ. I am all about being used by God to love others and set the captives free.

One year ago God brought me to an incredible ministry known as Wipe Every Tear where I served an internship. Wipe Every Tear works to bring freedom, hope, and a future to girls trafficked in the sex trade. This past summer I spent time with Wipe Every Tear in the Philippines to help with their mission of bringing girls out of the sex trade and giving them a chance at a new life of freedom.

I am prayerfully preparing to move to the Philippines long term to work full time for Wipe Every Tear and I need your support to rescue and bring hope to precious girls!
The rescued girls in Wipe Every Tear's care need full time staff in the Philippines to help with their transition out of the sex trade into a new life of pursuing their dreams! I will be working as a mentor/counselor for the rescued girls to help facilitate conversations about education, career, livelihood, physical and spiritual health, and day to day self care. My hope is to bring the tools and skills I have developed during my time in college to help girls seek out their own passions within their country.

Who I serve:  

Wipe Every Tear provides freedom, safe places to live, and education to women trapped in the sex trade in the Philippines:

FREEDOM: Wipe Every Tear seeks out miserable bars masquerading as joy filled places to provide women with real hope for a better future and a helping hand to leave their current circumstances. Through genuine relationships and the building of trust we help facilitate their transition from the sex trade to a new life of freedom.

SAFE HOUSES: Safe Homes are an integral part of Wipe Every Tear’s mission. Our homes serve as places of safety, refuge and healing.

EDUCATION: Education is essential to Wipe Every Tear’s mission. Having a quality education allows women to create a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones. In many areas, a college degree or vocational training means the ability to find a job that can sustain a family for life. Therefore, we believe education is key to breaking the chains of sex trafficking.


For information about the ministry of Wipe Every Tear you can visit the website at

How you can pray:  
  • Pray for the rescued girls in the care of Wipe Every Tear and for the girls not yet rescued
  • For monthly supporters to get me to the Philippines
  • For God's continued provision in my life
  • For more people will learn about the injustices of sex trafficking and Wipe Every Tear

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