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Katie Demech

Who I am:  

I currently serve the YWAM Base in Poipet, Cambodia as their primary prayer leader in addition to practical tasks such as cooking and filling in any gaps. YWAM is Youth With a Mission, an organization that trains missionaries to go to the nations and disciple local people to rise up to lead their own countries to Jesus. YWAM's training emphasizes mercy, evangelism, and training others in what we have learned. Later this year I will be attending the School of Biblical Studies where the main focus is to study the Bible and know God's word. The first value of YWAM is the know God and make him known. What better way then studying the Bible 5 times over in a 9 month period. My personal ministry is Prayer.

Who I serve:  

YWAM serves the local community, local people and each other.

How you can pray:  
  • For revival in Cambodia and the church
  • For peace, prosperity, and protection

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