This is our secret: The Cause is not actually about The Cause…we are about our partners!

The Cause is a faith-based nonprofit providing an organizational covering for projects that demonstrate God's love and improve lives around the world. Our mission is to help our partners accomplish their missions. Our vision is to empower a community of people dedicated to making a difference in the world. Our goal is to provide our partners with a solid administrative backing while strengthening our partners’ God-given abilities through leadership and financial coaching, as well as offering spiritual and emotional support.

Our Values


We value people above projects, always. People are eternal; projects come and go.


We see resources as a gift from God and use them wisely.


We provide a way for people to accomplish the mission God has given them.


We believe in being above reproach in every aspect of ministry.

We are convinced that more can be accomplished together.

What We Do For Our Partners

We collaborate with grassroots organizations and individuals committed to community transformation by providing a 501(c)(3) covering. This expands funding options by providing a way for our partners’ supporters to give tax-deductible donations using a simple online platform designed for both one-time and recurring donations. 

By absorbing the complicated and expensive administrative and legal burden of maintaining a 501(c)(3) we are able to connect resources to needs faster. This allows ministries to focus on what they do best and accomplish exponentially more.

Because we believe in providing the support needed to bring visions into reality, our leadership team offers leadership and organizational coaching to our partners so they can build impactful, sustainable ministries.

What We Do For Our Donors

By partnering with individuals and organizations across the globe, we connect YOU with people making an impact at home and abroad.

Because we are relationally invested in our partners, you can confidently give knowing our structure offers financial, relational, and spiritual accountability to our partners as well as leadership and organizational coaching to help them build their ministries wisely. We are committed to responsible stewardship and cultivation of resources.

Your investment in our partners is a critical part of demonstrating God’s love and catalyzing community transformation. What nations are on your heart? What causes do you stand behind? Our partners represent diverse ministries, giving you a way to specifically support the places, people, and purposes you care most about.

We are passionate about making you successful.

The Cause isn't about The Cause - you are our #1 priority. We cover the administrative side and provide a 501(c)3 umbrella while supporting you spiritually and emotionally so you can go fulfill your mission - whatever that means, wherever that takes you.

Here are some of the benefits of being a partner...

More Time
Every hour that The Cause’s administrative structures save you, is an extra hour that can go towards Kingdom work.
Be in relationship with people who hold you to your goals, and provide supporters with peace of mind.
We offer support to help you stay on track and accomplish your mission.
Spiritual Support
We connect you with resources to help you continue growing spiritually while growing your ministry.
Emotional Support
We believe in what you are doing and we love cheering you on behind the scenes.
Professional Website

Your donors can learn about your ministry and give online on our website.

Donation Platform
We have a professional donor interface that is easy to use and provides button embed codes you can use on your own website.
Monthly Donations
Our platform makes it easy for your donors to set up recurring online donations.
Tax Deductible Donations
You can receive donations through a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
Financial Admin

We take care of all the behind-the-scenes paperwork of processing donations.

Easy Access
We make it easy for you to access the funds in your account.
We take the time to provide wise counsel as you grow your projects/ministry.
We champion our partners through our e-newsletters and social media channels.
Community Support
Access to a partners-only Facebook group for support and collaboration.
As our partner, we make it our business to know how we can be standing with you in prayer!

Ready to get started?

We aren't about making you jump through hoops or complicating the process. We would love to start a conversation and get to know you - something you can do by filling out the Initial Partner Inquiry form:

From the very beginning, The Cause was built to empower others.

After achieving nonprofit status in 2003, our very first project enabled a high school student to fill and distribute 700 backpacks to the homeless in Central Oregon.

Over the next 13 years, The Cause continued to grow under the leadership of founder, Chris Earwicker. We have assisted people and projects around the world ever since our inception. In late 2015, God opened doors for Chris to pursue other ministries also close to her heart.

Morgan Funke had felt a desire to work with The Cause in 2007, but entrusted the timing to God. By 2015 Chris sensed a need to transition The Cause. Independently of The Cause, Morgan Funke and Jenn Ryan had started praying about working together. Little did they know at that point that God would open the doors for them to take up The Cause!

Instead of shutting down The Cause, God made a way for Chris to transfer The Cause in June of 2016, making Morgan the Executive Director, and Jenn the Executive Administrator. All operations were moved to Southern California, with the establishment of an entirely new Board of Directors.