We're excited to partner with you!

We believe that what you are doing is important. In fact, we think it’s changing the world. Our mission is simple: to help you accomplish your mission. If our vision seems broad, that's because it is. Our goal isn't to make you fit in a box of what ministry or mission work should look like. We realize every calling and dream is as unique as the person God entrusts it to. Our role is to be a community offering administrative, spiritual, emotional, and strategic support, freeing up your time to focus on effectuating your passion. When you are thriving and your project has the structure it needs, then our mission is accomplished.

Here's what you can expect working with us:


As one of our partners, we believe in what you are doing but more importantly we believe in you. We become your advocate, offering mentoring, spiritual support, and consistent communication to help you achieve success in your ministry.


We believe in being above reproach in every aspect of ministry. This is not done in a spirit of control, but rather through healthy checks and balances. Honesty and transparency allow us to take better care of you personally as we also care for your project/ministry.


In our partnership, your ministry is allowed to grow and move in the direction you discern is best. You are the one with the vision, which is why we will not hem you in or dictate how you do things.


We value consistent two-way communication with our partners. We work hard to be available and intentional with our partners, and expect our partners to do the same with us and their supporters.


We are all about growing together and helping each other be successful! We have intentionally developed - and continue to grow - a network of strategic partners who offer resources, community, coaching, and more to help you reach your ministry goals.

Adult to Adult Relationships

We are convinced you know what’s best for your project/ministry - it’s why God entrusted you with the vision! We have standards and requirements, but we are not a parent organization trying to control every move.

From our partners...

Why Will You Love Being a Partner?

How to Get Started

We can’t wait to get to know you! At The Cause we believe that partnership is always a mutual blessing! Our passion is to find partners who would be empowered by the services we provide and who fit the vision God has given us. For us, growing is not just about growing numbers. It’s about determining if we are the best organization for a potential partner and if they are a good fit for our mission and values. We have developed a process to help everyone involved discern if partnership will be mutually beneficial:

1. Fill out the Initial Partner Inquiry (below)
2. Schedule a Skype or phone call with a staff member
3. Review all information about The Cause (handbook, application, contracts, etc.) 
4. Fill out application and submit with application fee
5. Reference letters received by The Cause
6. Schedule a call with a board member
7. Partnership is reviewed and officially approved by a board vote

For now, the first step is filling out the Initial Partner Inquiry form below. We will be in touch soon with the next steps!

Initial Partner Inquiry